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Air Gun and Paintball Gun Fill Lines

Standard Microbore and Ultima Extra Length Superior Quality Fill Lines

For filling PCP (Pre Charged Pneumatic) Air rifles, air pistols and paintball guns.


We have found that many people struggle withfill linehoses that are just too short. With an increase in shooters using a dive cylinder for filling pre-charged equipment, we have met the demand for longer fill lines by offering the selection that can be found here.


Not only are the reduced risks of damage to your equipment while struggling to hold everything in position plainly obvious, but the Health and Safety benefits of using a longer line to minimise both bottle handling and vigorous gymnastics are also worth a mention!


With our range of high quality fill lines, you can quickly and easily fill your equipment and leave your divers bottle standing in the corner, or if you are out on shooting trip, there is now no need to remove your charging cylinder from the boot of the car.


We offer two types of high quality fill lines.

The Ultima Fill Line.


The Ultima Fill Line offers all of the benefits and none of the drawbacks of other types of fill line available. Pressure rated to 300BAR, the UltimaFill Line has a 2.5mm microbore Teflon HPG (High Pressure Gas) rated liner, giving minimal air loss from air wasted bleeding the line. It boasts a PVC coated Stainless Steel outer braid with solid Stainless Steel end fittings. It is extremely durable, flexible, and is almost indestructible. Although slightly more expensive than our other fill lines, the Ultima line offers the BEST long term value.

CLICK HERE to buy Ultima Fill Lines.

The Standard Microbore Fill Line.

Our Standard Microbore Fill Lines are the same as the standard fill lines found fitted to many charging kits available on the market today. They are 2mm bore Kevlar braided units, with zinc plated steel end fittings. Although pressure rated to 400BAR, the microbore fill lines in their short 300mm configuration are extremely vulnerable to kinking on the end fittings. This represents a real problem, as the manufacturers state that if the line is ever kinked, it should immediately be taken out of service and destroyed. The pressure integrity of the line is severely compromised after subjection to kinking, and failure cannot be ruled out. With fill pressures reaching levels of 250BAR (3,625 PSI) on some of the modern FAC rifles, no risks should ever be taken with filling equipment. These lines are much more suited to users of stirrup pumps looking for more manageable filling solutions. CLICK HERE to buy Microbore Fill Lines.

All of our fill lines come with 1/8"BSP female end fittings as standard, but should you require a male end fitting for your particular setup, then we offer an appropriate adaptor free of charge.


We can also supply custom lines specially made to any length and configuration that you require. Please contact our technical department for more details.

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Last Updated Dec 2013