Omega SC3 Personal Compressor


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Easily fill your air rifles, buddy bottles and airgun charging tanks.

This compressor is not certified for SCUBA or SCBA use.

Data Sheet / Manual

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Main Features

  • 240V Power

  • 300 BAR, 4500 PSI Output

  • Adjustable Pressure Shutoff

  • Air and Water Cooled

  • Self-Contained Design

  • Hour Log Service Meter

  • Programmable

  • Auto-Bleed System

  • Self-Serviceable

  • Tools and Spares Included

The SC-3a is the new name for the latest version of our price beating, electric powered compressor. Quieter than ever, the new SC-3a is more compact, and boasts a new grease injection system with auto warning when the piston needs topping up.
It weighs in at under 30kg, but with a soft grip handle is most definitely portable. It works with the minimum of maintenance.
It comes in sturdy outer packaging with improved styrofoam boxes within.
Just some of the extras supplied include: maintenance kit, Purple Ice lubricant & Antifreeze, a high pressure hose with quick connect, a manual, a cover and a 1 year warranty. All SC-3As are tested by us before onward shipping.

Please note a £48 UK Mainland Delivery Charge applies to this item.

SKU: 09G3-CP01


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