7000 Pressure Regulator (Bare) 0-340 BAR Output


SKU: 17U3-RG01

7000 Pressure Regulator (AIR) Inlet pressure max 6000psi / 400 BAR. Outlet 0-6000 PSI / 0-400 BAR. Port size 1/4NPT.

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7000 Pressure Regulator (AIR)

Inlet pressure max 6000 PSI/ 400 BAR.

Outlet 0-5000 PSI / 0-340 BAR.

There are inlet and outlet gauge ports in addition to the inlet & outlet flow ports. Port size 1/4NPT.

The seat is protected by a filter.

Construction is of anodised aluminium with stainless steel internal parts. It is self venting and may be panel mounted with the optional mounting ring.

Regulator Operating Instructions


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