500cc 300 BAR Carbon Fibre “Day Tripper MAX” Charging Cylinder


SKU: 07A4-CF22

500cc 300 BAR Carbon Fibre “DayTripper MAX” Charging Cylinder

Suitable for in the field top ups.


Gives 3 full + 1 partial recharges on an Air Arms S410.

Can be filled directly from a standard DIN 300 Diving Compressor Fitting.

Additional connectors will be required to fill from a dive cylinder.

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500cc 300 BAR Carbon Fibre “Day Tripper MAX”Carbon Fibre Charging Cylinder

Suitable for in the field top ups.

BEST Fittings 500cc, 300 BAR Carbon Fibre Composite Cylinder fitted with the industry leading MDE “Jubilee” dedicated air gun charging valve so that they can be re-filled easily from your own large cylinder, or at the dive centre.

They have an original fitment , luminous dial, MDE Precision Gauge, and a 150mm BEST Fittings Ultima hose fitted as standard.

Gives 3 full + 1 partial recharges on an Air Arms S410.

Usually delivered in the UK within 3 working days.

Technical Spec:

EN 12245
Neck Thread: M18 x 1.5
Diameter: 60mm
WP (Working Pressure): 300 BAR
TP (Test Pressure): 450 BAR
Height including valve 370mm
Weight including Valve and Hose Assembly ONLY 980 g

Further Carbon Fibre Tank, Carbon Fibre Cylinder, Carbon Fibre Bottle Information:

European Certification: EN 12245

Design Life 15 Years,
15 Year Design Life is typical of the vast majority of composite cylinders available for use in the UK/EU.

5 Year cylinder hydro-static test cycle from date of manufacture.

Cylinder Decommission Date:
15 Years from Manufacture Date detailed on the cylinder.
Decommission date refers to the last date that the cylinder can be filled at a commercial fill station. You can safely continue to use the cylinder after this date until the air is depleted, it just cannot be commercially re-filled.

Our cylinders are CE marked and are type approved for use in the UK and European Union. They are not DOT Type approved for the US and US sub markets. Please check your specific country standards and satisfy yourself that they are suitable for your intended use. We cannot accept any return claims for unsuitability in your region. At extra cost, we can fit Burst Disks to the valves if required. 


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